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I was able to attend one day of Jed Dorsey’s October workshop

I was able to attend the first day of Jed Dorsey’s October workshop at Sunnyshore Studio that took place Wednesday through Saturday of last week. Jed started off the day with a mini-lecture on what it takes to make a good artist: (1) desire, (2) opportunity, (3) encouragement, and (4) practice.

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Jed is an engaging and encouraging speaker. I was struck by one of the goals for the workshop that he shared. He said that one of his goals was that people would feel loved as persons, not just for their artistic performance. I thought this was great because deep down we all want to be valued not for what we do but who we are.

I sensed that the workshop participants did feel loved.

It was fun to hang out with my dad and my sister, April, who both participated in the workshop.

Having Dad in a workshop is like having a second instructor because he spends a lot of his time going around and chatting, sharing tips, critiques, etc.

Jed demonstrated throughout the day. You always learn a lot by watching another artist paint. And he’s pretty good.

Everyone worked hard on their art paintings throughout the day.

And ended up with some great paintings!

Plus we had time together to visit and just be in community.

All in all it was a great workshop…We’re already planning for another Jed Dorsey workshop in October.

Here’s a fun little video I made up of our time together. Enjoy.

Sharing Camano 2017: Days 1 & 2

Sunnyshore Studio’s first “Sharing Camano” is going great. Here’s Jason Dorsey’s report from the first two days.

On Sunday evening, after my work duties had been wrapped up and my vacation officially had begun, my daughter Jackie and I drove to Stanwood to help my wife Jenny load up the canopy and panels and paintings that had been part of Sunnyshore Studio’s display for the three days of “Art by the Bay.”


After getting everything loaded up and we drove onto Camano Island, leaving our cares behind and looking forward to a week of creativity.

When we arrived at the Studio we met our friends from Indianapolis who are staying their: Cory and Erin Hall and their daughter Jackie.


We said goodbye to Jenny who headed back to our apartment in Redmond, and set up our tent tucked in among the trees (the Halls are staying in the Studio’s apartment).

We woke up bright and early on Monday morning. At 3:30am the full moon was so bright it was like day, and by 5:00am the sun was streaming into our tent.


My Jackie watered the plants and the lawn. I worked on my painting of where the Skykomish and Wallace Rivers meet.  IMG_3720

At 10am Jackie and I drove into Stanwood. I had a meeting with a few other art organization leaders and cultural entrepreneurs with the City of Stanwood. We discussed a larger arts and cultural vision.

Then Jackie and I enjoyed a very delicious lunch at Jimmy’s pizza.


When we returned to the Studio we found that Cory and Erin had been very busy with painting projects of their own.

I took some time in the afternoon rummaging through the desk of my pastor mentor Otto Sather whose biography I’m working on. His pastoral Record was super interesting. Among other things, I saw the record of how in 1961 Otto has baptized my dad.


We enjoyed a wonderful campfire and talk late into the night with Cory and Erin.

Tuesday morning, we walked over to my parents house for breakfast. Jed had made a yummy french toast treat.


Then Jackie joined 14 others for Jed’s art workshop. It was fun to see my friend from high school, Arnold Ronning, at the workshop.

After the workshop Jackie and I stopped by the Camano Island Marketplace to check on my Beaches of Camano book and to see Dave Cassel’s wonderful new Gallery and wine shop which was very impressive.


Then Jackie and I spent some time lounging in the sand and enjoy the beauty of Utsalady Bay.

We returned to Sunnyshore and met our two other guests Katie, from Indianapolis and her friend Kristen who grew up in Indiana and now lives in Bremerton.

We enjoyed a BBQ dinner and long conversation.


Sharing Camano = building community through creativity!






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