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Jackie’s Tiny House Update: Roof and Windows installed

Work has progressed on Jackie’s tiny house in September. The two big developments are that a metal roof and two windows have been installed.

Jim Spane came through big time with the metal roof. Jim’s company built Sunnyshore Studio, and it has a metal roof. When the time came for putting a roof on Jackie’s tiny house I reached out to Jim. Jim sent one of his foremen, Scott, to measure the roof, ordered the material; and Scott installed the roof.


It is a metal roof, which is very durable, and the same color as our Studio roof. It looks awesome.


The next big project was installing windows. Jenny oversaw this with the help of Dad.

She and Jackie went to Home Depot and bought a big window, with Jackie’s money, for the north wall. Dad helped Jenny cut the hole out of the wall for the window to go into.

The big window looks out at the bulkhead I’m building and beautiful hydrangea plants Mom gave us.


Dad framed in and installed the window and it looks great.


Then Dad and Jenny worked on making a hole in the south wall for the smaller window that came with the building kit. It looks great too!

Jenny has overseen this whole project and is a wonderful builder. Three cheers for Jenny.

Join us for the Grand Opening of Jackie’s Tiny House on Saturday, December 1st, 10am-5pm, during the “Christmas in Miniature” show at Sunnyshore Studio.

Jack Dorsey Christmas Painting & Cards Unveiled

Merry Christmas from Sunnyshore Studio…

My dad, Jack Dorsey, paints a Christmas painting each year. Then dad and mom make Christmas cards from the paintings that they send out to family and friends from these paintings.

Here is Dad’s Christmas painting from 2014.


And here is Dad’s Christmas painting from 2015.


So it was super fun to “unveil” his Christmas Painting and Christmas Card for 2016 on Friday night at the private reception to celebrate the opening of Sunnyshore Studio. It is beautiful!


The painting has been sold. But the beautiful Christmas cards that were made from it are available in packs of 5 and packs of 10.

Merry Christmas from Sunnyshore Studio!

Jack Dorsey Christmas Card (5 Card Pack)

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Jack Dorsey Christmas Card (10 Card Pack)

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