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Meet Artist Betty Dorotik

Betty Dorotik is a beloved Camano Island Artist and one of our top sellers at Sunnyshore Studio. Here is a short intro to her integrating painting and fabric in her art.

I am excited to be included in Sunnyshore Studio’s Miniature Christmas Show. My recent work incorporates fabric and watercolor.

I was always a fan of fabric, even as a little girl when my mother would take me to the fabric store to pick out fabric for a dress. She was an accomplished seamstress sewing most of my school dresses and taught me how to sew as well. I sewed my own clothes when I was in high school, especially after taking Home Economics which isn’t taught anymore. Sometimes grain and chicken feed would come in brightly printed cotton bags. Four bags was enough to make a dress and maybe an apron for my mom. I still have some of those fabrics in my memory box. I also have a quilt my mom stitched by hand of many of my school dresses. I love going into fabric stores again since the last prom dress I made for my daughter was over 20 years ago.

Vintage fabric is in vogue again and when I found the jingle bell pattern on the paintings below, it spoke to me of Chickadees and the tiny Wren. I enjoy painting a bird or birds to match the fabric sometimes pulling something out of the fabric design to decorate the bird or animal.

Christmas on Camano opens this Saturday, December 7th. Our show will be packed with all kind of wonderful things, smells and sounds.

  • December 7th and 14th, 10am – 5pm
  • Singing of Christmas Carols @ 10am & 2pm
  • Unveiling of Jack Dorsey’s Christmas Card painting, 10am on December 7th.
  • Jenny Dorsey’s miniature collection displayed
  • 14 local artists
  • Books, Christmas Card, Prints, Ceramics, Fabrics and more
  • Ann Dorsey’s famous cinnamon rolls

Meet Artist Judy Sullivan

We are thrilled to have Camano artist Judy Sullivan in Sunnyshore Studio’s upcoming Christmas on Camano art show. You will absolutely love her paintings of nature and wildlife!

Here’s a short bio.

I grew up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. I loved nothing better than roaming through the woods looking for signs of the animals living there. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, I married my best friend and moved around the country with him. We eventually found our way to the Seattle area and have lived on Camano Island since 2013. I never take for granted the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest. I love the smell of the sea and the calls of eagles and seagulls. I try to depict these experiences in my paintings of wildlife and nature.

For more information press on this link

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