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Are you looking for a place to go to rest and be renewed? Do you want to retreat to do creative work? Consider staying at Sunnyshore Studio.

What’s best about staying at Sunnyshore Studio?

Instead of paying money for staying at our place you’ll go home with a painting!

Located just over an hour from Seattle, Sunnyshore Studio is a perfect get away. Tucked among fir and cedar trees on the south end of Camano Island and with a view of Puget Sound, it is an ideal location for rest and renewal. Its cozy upstairs apartment and downstairs working art studio inspire creativity.



Studio Apartment

We are thrilled to welcome guests to stay overnight at Sunnyshore Studio. Guests can do creative work in the studio that has a writing desk and painting area or just sit and enjoy the still of the Gallery.



A long staircase leads to the upstairs apartment.


The apartment is quiet and cozy with a state-of-the-art kitchen, spacious island, modular sofa, and brand new king sized bed.

Current Rates

We don’t charge our guests to stay at Sunnyshore Studio. Instead, we use the barter system. Each night’s stay at the studio equals: $100. So if you stay one night that equals $100, two nights equals $200, etc.

When your stay is done you add up your nights and then you get to choose a painting to purchase that is at least the price of your stay. So if you stay three nights, you’d need to buy a painting for $300.

It’s a great deal. You get to stay at Sunnyshore Studio essentially for free. We get to sell a painting. And you get to take home a piece of fine art with you!


To inquire about availability of the studio please contact Jason Dorsey at

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