We are excited to announce the 2019 Jack Dorsey Invitational: Vintage Watercolorists of Washington show in partnership with the Northwest Watercolor Society.


Washington State has been home to a host of distinguished watercolor artists such as Perry Acker, Jess Cauthorn, Victoria Savage, Elizabeth Warhanik, Arne Jensen, and Wes Broten to name just a few. The Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) is recognized as one of the ten most prominent regional watercolor societies in North America.

In light of this rich tradition, Sunnyshore Studio is hosting five annual Vintage Watercolorists of Washington shows (2018-2013). Each year we honor five master watercolorists who live in Washington State and who have enriched the cultural life of this place through their artwork. We also hope to inspire a new generation of watercolorists through showcasing their art.

A video tribute will share each artists journey with watercolor. At the end of five years these will be woven together in a documentary video that celebrates watercolor in Washington. Their stories will also compiled into a coffee table book.

It is called the Jack Dorsey invitational in honor of the patriarch of Sunnyshore Studio and one of the vintage watercolorists of Washington today.


2019 Artists 

We are thrilled to announce the artists for our 2019 Vintage show. Each is not only a great artist but has contributed to the legacy of watercolor in Washington.

Vintage watercolorists for our 2019 show are: 


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Meet Vintage Watercolorist Nancy Fulton: For the Love of Art

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Meet Vintage Artist Cooper Hart: Marine Watercolorist

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Meet Vintage Watercolorist: Seiko Konya

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Meet Vintage Watercolorist Sandy Langford: Artist in Community

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Meet Vintage Watercolorist Jerry Stitt: Artist of Emotion



  • Opening Reception: Saturday, March 9th 
  • Show open to the Public on Saturdays, March 9, 16, 23 and 30.
  • Private viewings of the show can be arranged. Call Jason Dorsey, 317.209.6768
  • Sunnyshore Studio: 2803 S.E. Camano Drive, Camano Island, W

2018 Artists

In 2018, the first year of our Vintage show, we had an incredible line-up of artists. Learn more about them below.

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Nancy Axell

Jack Dorsey

Thomas Williams Jones

Genny Rees

John Ringen

On March 10th, 2018 Sunnyshore Studio released five short videos that share the artistic path of the artists chosen for the inaugural “Vintage Watercolorists of Washington” show: John Ringen, Nancy Axell, Genny Rees, Thomas William Jones, and Jack Dorsey.

A special shout out to Julian Dorsey who worked hard on shooting these videos, and to Kyle Liedtke whose music weaves them together.

Enjoy learning more of their stories in those videos below. We are honored to share and preserve their stories in this way.

John Ringen: Teacher of Artists

Nancy Axell: Artist Organizer

Genny Rees: Artist and Mother

Jack Dorsey: Artist of the People

Thomas William Jones: Artist of Place

Video is currently being edited & reformatted.