Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to announce the release of Fanny, the Artist who made America smile.

This full-length documentary tells the story of Fanny Y. Cory who rose from a life of poverty and struggle to become one of the leading American illustrators, cartoonists and artists in the 20th century. Fanny’s life was an incredible testimony to what can be done when you refuse to accept your limitations. She had the rare gift of bringing humor out of misfortune and joy out of the shadows.

Her captivating story is especially inspiring for women, young to old.

The documentary weaves old recordings of herself and her son Bob, her lovely illustrations, cartoons and artwork, and current video of her four grandchildren to provide a historic snapshot of life in New York City, Montana and Washington state through the eyes of of the “Artist who made America smile.”

Purchase Fanny’s Biography

You can learn more about Fanny’s life and story through the lively, engaging biography of her written by Toni McCarty Queen of Montana Beach: the story of artist Fanny Y. Cory.


Sunnyshore Studio wants to thank everyone who helped tell the story of Fanny Y. Cory.

Robert Dodgson, Grandson of Fanny Y. Cory and family historian, shared hours of historic audio and video recordings. Robert, we are so thankful for your help in telling this story.

Robert Dodgson

Ann Cory Dorsey, Granddaughter of Fanny Y. Cory, who has long treasured the stories of her beloved grandmother, shared countless hours of interviews, and many many illustrations, cartoons and artworks that she has preserved over the years. Thank you so much for keeping Fanny’s legacy alive.

We also want to thank two more of Fanny’s Grandchildren. We are so thankful for Margaret Day and Bud Dodgson who shared their stories, memories and reflections on their famous grandmother known to them as “Meetsy” and “Queen of Montana.” In the picture below Margaret is standing in the back role, third from the right and Bud is holding their dog Pepper. Fanny is standing in the back row, far right.

We also want to thank Jacob Dorsey who took video footage early on in this project. Your hard work payed off.

Julian Dorsey was a driving force behind this project. He accompanied Jason Dorsey on a trip to Montana to shoot video, and took all the video interviews of Fanny’s grandchildren. He also helped organize the video footage. Julian, thanks so much for all your hard work.

Chris Wyatt brought his excellent filming and editing skills to the final project. He tightened up the video and really made it sing. We are so thankful for his generous help.

Jason Dorsey wants to thank his wife Jenny Dorsey who put up with him working his day job (as pastor) and a second job as Director and Producer of this video. Her support during that grind carried the project through. She is the “Queen of Sunnyshore”!