Discover Beautiful Camano Island. This major two year project will weave painting, photography, video, and music to explore and share the natural beauty, history, architecture, art, and people of Camano Island, WA.

It will culminate in July of 2020 with the publication of the book Discover Beautiful Camano Island, a documentary film celebrating Camano and its people, and an art show of selected artworks from Camano’s colony of artists.

The project is being overseen by Sunnyshore Studio’s artistic Director, Jason Dorsey. Jason is building on the success of his popular Beaches of Camano project. Please contact him at for ideas of beautiful places of Camano and for people to interview.

Jason’s playful painting is being used at the brand for this project.

You can follow the Discover Beautiful Camano Island project on this page.

Explore the beautiful places and special people (Part 1)

Join Jason on this video tour of Camano. Explore the beautiful places and special people of Camano with Jason Dorsey (1)

Discover Beautiful Mabana Beach

Follow Jason on his exploration of Camano Island on his summer vacation. First stop, taking a dip at Mabana Beach here: Discover Beautiful Mabana Beach

Help us identify the beautiful places of Camano and the people who can tell their stories.

Find out how you can help us identify places to feature and people to interview here: Help Me Discover Beautiful Camano Island