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Breaking News…

I received news today that Island County has issued a permit for the minor engineer adaptions that had to be made to Sunnyshore Studio due to the soil compaction test.

Jim Spane’s work crew will begin on Wednesday, March 2nd. We have less than nine weeks before the Camano Island Mother’s Day Tour to get the shell of the Studio built to welcome the thousands of guests that will come through.

Here’s the work of the Engineer.


It all looks like scribbles, numbers, symbols and gybarish to me. But I figured it must mean something important to I forwarded the Engineer’s work to my son Jacob who is studying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.

I wrote: “[Jacob] This is how an engineer’s head works. I don’t get it. Do you? Love you! Dad”

To which Jacob replied:

“Hey big daddy!

fc/FC is the stress based off of the force FC and certain material qualities fc. The arrows are pointing towards the structural beams, so I figure that C and B are the interior supports. K refers to Kips, which is a unit of Force (kilo pounds). Its pretty cool! Jacob Dorsey”

Even though I wasn’t able to understand his scribbles, numbers and symbols they obviously meant something to someone somewhere and it proves, once and for all, that engineers are an important and necessary part of life.




It hangs in the balance…

Last week I received some bad news about my Sunnyshore Studio project from my builder. Sunnyshore Studio’s completion by the Mother’s Day Tour hangs in the balance.

My builder told me that per the company’s engineering guidelines the poles used for the building had to be sunk 4 feet into the native soil. But because the excavation was done in the wet season and we needed to bring in a significant amount of pit run rock for the foundation,  we would need to get a compaction test done. The test came back last week oh so very close to the 95% the builder needed to treat the pit run like native soil (they think it fell short because of the wetness); so my builder is going back to the engineer to find out if there is a way to make it work from an engineering standpoint.

I really, really appreciate how hard Jim Spane is working find a way to make this happen; and I’m still very hopeful that we will have the Studio shell up by May 6th and be able to welcome guests.

It would be, of course, super disappointing not to have the Studio up for the art show; and very humbling to go back to the Camano Arts Association and backtrack. But we took our best shot, and I have no regrets for trying. Meanwhile we wait. It is in my Heavenly Father’s hands.

PS. Here’s a short video of Donnie Watkin’s crew bringing in the Pit Run Rock. By the way, I am very happy with Donnie’s work!

My First Writing Project at Sunnyshore Studio: The Name

July 2014 I took a month long sabbatical at my parent’s home on Camano Island, WA to work on a writing project on Christian identity and calling. I wrote in the mornings and evenings. In the afternoons I split firewood for mom and dad, jogged to Mabana Beach and and picked wild blackberries. It was a time of creativity, rest and renewal.

Most of the time I wrote from the attic bedroom.


But for a few weeks I camped out on the Sunnyshore Studio property and wrote there. It was inspiring to be able to look up from my computer and see the Sound and the Cascade Mountains. At night I worked next to my campfire.

The result of my writing sabbatical is a book called The Name. If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can click this buy button which will take you to my Shopify account.

[shopify product=]

If you are interested in learning more about the book, here is the write up I did for Goodreads:

The Name explores Christian identity and the calling that arises from it. It claims that Christianity uniquely affirms both the personhood and particularity of individuals and it introduces the spiritual formation path called Identity Mapping, which helps people discover the unique person God has designed them to be, and the calling that arises from it.

The Name is broken into four parts: PART ONE introduces Christianity’s unique and powerful view of identity, and the spiritual formation path of Identity Mapping. It roots the knowing of one’s identity in terms of relationship to God, and argues that without God’s grace it is impossible for us to really know ourselves. Finally, it sets forth the thesis that God who is infinitely glorious, represented by His many names, designed each person to know Him and show Him in a unique way, that our purpose as people is to “name God” so to speak, by being the unique reflection and representation of God that He has made us.

PART TWO sets forth the claim that we can’t know ourselves unless we know the true story that we are in. It looks Identity through the lens of the Bible’s story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. Under Creation, there are chapters on “Conferred Personhood”, “Crafted Particularity”, and “Identity in God.” Under Fall, there are chapters on “Primal Wound”, “Fragmented and False Identities”, and “Wounds, Wounding, and Particular Depravity”. Under Redemption there are chapters on “Cosmic War,” “Covenant LORD”, and “Conversion”. And under Restoration there are chapters on “Christian Identity”, “Life in the Covenant” and “Written in the Story.”

PART THREE walks a person through the Identity Mapping process using the story of Jacob as a paradigm for understanding God’s grace and Christian identity. Through listening carefully to the life of Jacob and God’s grace to Jacob, we learn to listen to and map God’s design and grace in our own lives. Through the personal interaction tools people Map the presence of God in their life, their personhood and particularity, wounds and wounding, and false identities. They track God’s pursuit of them, and their conversion to God. They take stock of their life in the covenant, and grow in an understanding of how they have been written into the Mission of God in the world.

In the last section, PART FOUR, the specific path of Identity Mapping is laid out: This includes, (1) Receiving the grace of God, (2) Repenting of False Identities, (3) Role Artistry, (4) Establishing Boundaries and Setting Goals, (5) Barriers and Blockages, (6) Partnering with the Holy Spirit, (7) Community Collaboration, (8) The Missional Life, and (9) Thisness.

In short: The Name is a comprehensive summary of Christian Identity, including theological foundations, guides for personal reflecting on one’s own unique, God-designed, crafted and redeemed identity, and practical tools to live out one’s identity and calling to the glory of God’s Name.

I’m thrilled that The Name the first book of mine that I’ve completed, was written from the beautiful and creative place that I call Sunnyshore Studio.


Celebrating Ann Cory Dorsey’s Beautiful Art and Honoring my mom as a cancer survivor

I’m excited to be throwing open the doors of Sunnyshore Studio for the first time for the 2016 Camano Island Mother’s Day Art Studio Tour. I’m even more excited to be able to feature and celebrate my mom’s beautiful artworks.

ann's art 8

Mom will be the featured artist on this mother’s day tour. I would love to bless my mom by selling out her art work. Mom’s original acrylics will be for sale ranging from $800-$1,200 (the frames alone are worth $200-$400). She will also have a number of framed and unframed prints.

Mom’s paintings of children capture the beauty of children, the innocence of youth, and the soft colors and moods of the northwest.

ann's art 4

ann's art 5

Here are the dates for the Camano Island Studio Tour

Mothers Day Weekend

Friday May 6 –
Sunday May 8
10am – 5pm

Encore Weekend

Saturday May 14 –
Sunday May 15

10am – 5pm

ann's art 2

Thanks for celebrating my mom’s art and her making it through her cancer treatments with me.

ann's art 1

Climbing the Cedar Tree

I’m a pure bred pacific northwest boy with a streak of mountain man still in me.

Today I drove up to Camano Is to meet with my business partners (Mom and Dad 🙂 to hammer out some plans for the Mother’s Day show. I decided to climb the Cedar Tree on the Sunnyshore Studio property to see the view of the Puget Sound and Cascade foothills and mountains to the east. Here is my adventure.

Sunnyshore Studio’s Artist Lineup for the 2016 Camano Island Mother Day Studio and Gallery Tour

The mission of Sunnyshore Studio is to share the Beauty of Camano Island with the world.  We have our first chance to carry out this mission at the 2016 Camano Island Mother’s Day Studio Tour. Here is a lineup of our artists.

Jack Dorsey

 Dad with flowers 

Long-time Camano resident and renown artist, Jack Dorsey uses the mediums of watercolor and oil to paint things common to experience but uncommon to expression. His art has been purchased by collectors and galleries locally and around the world.

Jack Dorsey, Watercolor, Morning Quiet Broken - 300 dpi for Jason, CAA

 Ann Cory

Ann birthday 1

Ann Cory, wife of Jack, is the granddaughter of the nationally recognized illustrator Fanny Y. Cory. Her acrylic paintings capture the magic, softness and sublimity of children delighting in nature.

Ann Cory, Low Tide Treasures, 20 x 24, acrylic - 300 dpi for Jason

 Jason Dorsey

Jason close up 3

Jason, the son of Jack and Ann, recently had his children’s picture book titled “I Remember Fishing with Dad” published. Its beautiful watercolor illustrations painted by Jason and Jack will be featured.

 IRFD Cover

 April Nelson


April, daughter of Jack and Ann who lives on Camano Island, paints in watercolor and pastels. Her impressionistic northwest inspired landscapes are alive with color, mystery, and emotion.

April Nelson, Island Roses, mixed media, 300 dpi

 Jed Dorsey

Jed bd8

The large scale, epic, dynamic acrylic paintings of Jed, the son of Jack and Ann, are highly sought after by collectors.

 2016 Jed Dorsey.SoftDay.300 dpi for Jason

Come visit us on the Mother’s Day Studio Art Tour

Camano Island Studio Tour


Friday May 6 –
Sunday May 8
10am – 5pm

Encore Weekend

Saturday May 14 –
Sunday May 15

10am – 5pm

Sunnyshore Studio: 2803 S.E. Camano Drive

Sunnyshore Studio showcases the artistic legacy of the Dorsey family who have been doing art on Camano since 1970.


Jackie’s Dream of a Tiny House

In this video, my daughter Jackie, shares her dream of building a tiny house for herself (and one for her mom) under the beautiful cedar tree next to Sunnyshore Studio. I love her dream and I hope we can make it happen.

We’re not only going to build a studio, but a commune for friends, artists, and creative people!  Anyone want to help her build it this summer?

Excavation begins and Donnie Watkins works his magic

Excavation for the parking area and the Studio site has begun. Today my mom sent me pictures that she and dad took of Donnie Watkins working his magic on the excavator.

First, Donnie prepped the entrance for the heavy equipment (pole diggers) that Jim Spane will use.

He then excavated out the parking area. It’s been a super wet November and December and the ground was wet. So he dug a little trench to drain the water away. The parking area is beginning to look great.

Because it’s so wet, Donnie suggested we wait a bit for things to dry out so that we don’t have to haul in so much pit run rock for fill for the foundation. I’m ok with waiting since being patient on this will save quite a bit of money. But really hoping we can have a building up by Mother’s Day for the art tour.

Also, PUD installed a transformer and an electricity line so we now have electricity to the temporary power pole. I’m very thankful to my dad for all his help on this project!

Sunnyshore Studio Groundbreaking, December 26th, 2015

On Saturday, December 26th, 2015 our family celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony for Sunnyshore Studio.

It was like old times. In the morning the boys trimmed a tree that had fallen over the fence and cleared out some blackberry bushes.

We also hammered in the stakes to mark off where the Sunnyshore Studio will be built. And took some time for a few rugged poses for good measure.

To top it off we held a ribbon cutting ceremony and ground breaking ceremony with only a select few guests invited: mom and dad.

For our family it was a historic moment – an old dream becoming a present reality. We hope to have a soft launch of Sunnyshore Studio on Mother’s Day, 2016.

Finally, I’m excited to share the video we made of the groundbreaking ceremony with you.


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