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The mission of Sunnyshore Studio is to share the beauty of Camano Island with the world, one person at a time.

We share Camano with the world in three ways:

  • By Hospitality
  • By our Family’s Art
  • By our Vibrant Working Studio


Sharing Camano through Hospitality

As Camano originals since 1969, the Dorsey family enjoys sharing this place we know and love through art, books, and hospitality. Our Studio apartment is available for guests to stay at throughout the year. We host quarterly art shows. And each year Jason Dorsey hosts a Sharing Camano week for friends and curious and creative people to come together to work, play and do creative work.


Sharing Camano through the Dorsey Family’s Art

Sunnyshore Studio showcases the art of four generations of the Dorsey family. We are thrilled to be able to share our family’s art legacy and ongoing work, as well as to have a place to inspire the next generation of family members in art and creativity.

 mud puddles


We are excited about our 2017-2018 Artistic Season.

Art Shows

Sharing Our Vibrant Working Studio

Sunnyshore Studio is also a vibrant working studio where artists from all over the country retreat, paint and write and where local artists attend classes and workshops. We are working on developing an artist grant program where artists find patrons to fund a creative retreat at Sunnyshore Studio.


Whether you are looking to purchase paintings of Camano Island, desiring to do creative work, or are looking for a quiet place to stay on Camano Island we welcome you to visit us at Sunnyshore Studio.


2 thoughts on “About Sunnyshore Studio

  1. Wonderful place. When it’s finished I want to come stay in the apartment for a least a week. Love all of your painting too. And love Ann, my childhood friend.

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