For my Bridges of Redmond project I hope to paint 365 watercolor paintings of scenes along the Sammamish River in Redmond. To get the ball rolling, I set the goal of doing one painting a day in 2022. I won’t use all of these paintings in the show, but I hope to use many of them. I’ll be painting from photographs that I’ve taken over the years walking the river. I’ll add the most recent paintings as I go, so the painting at the bottom of this post is January 1.

January 15

When the snow falls along the trail you can find these delightful snow blankets and puffs on the grass and bushes along the river trail. This one is captured just as the morning sun shoots its shafts of light across the trail.

January 14

I love the alizarin branches and red berries that you an attentive walker can see along the Sammamish River Trail in winter. They were especially distinguished on this day with a sprinkling of snow.


Night Lights. A few years ago after a big snow, I walked the Sammamish River Trail at night with my daughter. The lights on the fresh snow were enchanting.

January 12

The footbridge across the Sammamish just north of our house. It is quite a challenge to capture the sparkle and glow of the snow in the morning sunshine.

January 11

Here’s Take #2 on the 90th Street Bridge. I lightened the water and I’m quite happy with it.

January 10

Bridges can be challenging to get right with their nuances of architecture. I tried to show the glow on the 90th Street Bridge as I came across it early one morning after a new snow.

January 9

The sunlight bursts through the trees on an early morning walk on the Sammamish.

January 8

The browns and blues of winter. And the Sunlight. Ahh!

January 7

The last of three paintings of this scene. I’m happy with the overall composition.

January 6

The second of three paintings. I’m happy with the sun on the background trees.

January 5

There is nothing like a fresh snowfall on the Sammamish with the sunlight on the west bank. This is the first of three paintings of this subject.

January 4

The lowlight of January makes sunny days especially beautiful with their long shadows.

January 3

This is my second take on this painting. I like how the trees sparkle in the light.

January 2

I took this photo on a sunny day in January. On bright days like this the trail is full of people and when the sun hits the trees it gives them a gold or bronze hue.

January 1

Through the fall and early winter walkers on the Sammamish River see massive flocks of geese overhead in their formation.


  1. Bobbi Samples

    I agree with Betty, they are all beautiful. I love the idea of different impresssions of mostly the same area, different moods, views, seasons, activities or visitors.
    Thanks for doing this, showing so many skills, atmosphere/colors.

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